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MSU Deaf Ed Student: PLEASE READ!

This is the message Katie Hosmer, MSU Deaf Ed student, wants you to read and be there at the ASL rally tomorrow! Please see previous post for ASL rally information. Thanks! ~ MDC Committee


Everyone, the time has come to make drastic changes in our campaign to save deaf education and American Sign Language at Michigan State University.

As I’ve said before, MSU administrators seem to have made up their mind. They have already begun closing American Sign Language courses DESPITE the fact that we were told they would be open at least another year. Is it because of low enrollment? NO! ASL classes at MSU are overflowing with students!

Signs are posted all over campus saying, “Take a Less Commonly Taught Language at MSU!” with Tagalog, Thai, and Uzbek as just a few of the options. So if they claim that they cannot afford ASL because of low enrollment… I think we’ve got some issues here.

Oh, and did you know? Rumor has it, MSU officials are claiming that American Sign LANGUAGE is NOT a “real” language. As we all know, ASL IS INDEED a “real” language that is rich in cherology (phonology), morphology, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics. ASL is able to show past tense, negation, questions, and commands. It has the capacity to be acquired naturally and express and thought or idea. Therefore, AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE IS A REAL LANGUAGE!!

Not to mention, American Sign Language is the THIRD most commonly used LANGUAGE in the United States. THIRD.

So if it’s not about money…how many people use ASL… or whether or not it is a “real” language…then WHAT IS IT ABOUT?!

I’ll tell you what.


We’re done asking MSU, “WHY?” We know why. It’s time to show them what a HUGE MISTAKE they are making.

So where will you be on the morning of Friday, April 16, 2010? Please, join us in our FIGHT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE!

ALSO!! – On Tuesday, April 20, from 8 – 9 am we will be meeting with Provost Kim Wilcox and Dean Carole Ames, the people ultimately responsible for the decision to close the program. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Thank you everyone!!

  1. Natalie Grupido
    April 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Greetings Supporters,

    For those of you who are not aware, a few of us from the Deaf community will be personally meeting with Provost Wilcox and Dean Ames for a follow up meeting on Tuesday, April 20th at 8 am in Provost’s office at Hannah Administration Bldg. Dean Ames was unavailable to attend the previous one. That being said, it would project a crucial impact to have supporters attend while we have one hour, rather than a hasty 3 minutes with the clock winding down, to talk with the provost and the dean. With your presence, it will provide a loud message to them who, oddly enough, are in ownership of ‘deaf ears’.

    ‘Tis strange to find that, in 1989, Provost David Scott wrote a letter that their Academic Council adopted a resolution to recognize American Sign Language at Michigan State University. It was then when I was getting ready to graduate from Gallaudet University. Six years later, I obtained my masters in Deaf education from MSU. I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that I would be typing this message 15 years later, as an Deaf adult and an educator for the deaf and hard of hearing, to ask for your support in keeping the Deaf education and American Sign Language on the campus of MSU. I hope to see you there.

    Deafinitely yours,

    Natalie Grupido

  2. April 19, 2010 at 8:37 am

    See the videos of the MSU Board meeting presentations by Celeste Johnson and Sheryl Emery (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrlAuQGtWak) and also the interview with Celeste Johnson afterward (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Ei5JFNsF4).

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