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Interview About MSU Deaf Education Program

April 19, 2010 1 comment

An interview with Celeste Johnson on the closure of Deaf Education and ASL classes:

Celeste Johnson was interviewed by two TV stations, but they never made it to the news. However, one person who attended the Board of Trustees meeting in support of opposing the closure of Deaf Education and ASL classes taped the entire interview. Dale, who taped the interview, also taped the speeches during the public comments; however, it is difficult to see the interpreter at a distance and as soon as the video is available with captions, it will be posted so that everyone can view the speeches given by Celeste Johnson and Sheryl Emery, DODHH director.

Thank you, Dale, for taping the interview!

Note: Jeannette Johnson has posted a blog about her mother being interviewed:


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MSU Rally Makes The News

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Good job, everybody, for all the hard work put into contacting the media and getting them to come to the rally!

MDC members Freida Morrison, Melissa Rich, and Jeannette Johnson were present at the rally with Freida representing MDC, Melissa representing MDA, and Jeannette representing herself.

Here are the links to the media and please let us know if we missed any.

Lansing State Journal, December 4, 2009:

The State News, December 4, 2009:

Detroit Free Press, December 5, 2009:, video, not captioned:

Melissa & Jeannette were interviewed by Darren Cunningham, WLNS TV channel 6:

closed caption version:

Thanks to Bill Creswell for his volunteering to caption the video. 🙂

UPDATE: Flint Journal, December 10, 2009:

Additionally, we now have a flickr account for the Michigan Deaf Community and the photos taken by Darren Brown are up for viewing:
MSU Rally – Save Deaf Education/ASL Classes

Please also note that we now have another section for flickr on this page (bottom on the right corner).

MDC Committee

MDC Shows Support At MSU Rally

December 5, 2009 11 comments


Hello everyone, I am Freida Morrison. There is 4 generation of Deaf in my family. I went through 3 different methods of Deaf Education when I was growing up.

  • Self-contained classroom (that time period – all oral – no sign language program
  • Mainstreaming without interpreter
  • Residential school (MSD)

How did it affect us the deaf people?

(For example) I struggled to read and write English at the appropriate age. When I finally understood English a little better, I taught myself to understand English better by using my native language, ASL.

Research show Deaf children from Deaf family learn fast and succeed in adult life- Do you know why? It is because of ASL.

95% of Deaf children come from hearing parents- Only 5% of those hearing parents know sign language. This mean 90% of Deaf children have lifelong struggle learning. Do you know why? It is because of lack of exposure to sign language when growing up. Growing up without or minimal sign language often result in emotional /behavioral problems- Do you know why? Because of lifelong struggle-they become frustrated and angry when no one understands them. These issues can be easily prevented by using ASL at very early age.

I would like to comment about the letter from Dean, Dr. Carole Arnes. It amazes me she has no clue about the differences between EMU and MSU despite of her PhD. You can’t compare EMU with MSU when their philosophy is the opposite. EMU strongly believe in oral method while MSU train teachers based on sign language method.

We are currently in 21st century. It is sad that we, deaf community still have to re-educate her and other people about the differences between oral and sign language. I am asking you, the deaf community to look around and our state. Are you getting tired of having to re-educate them again and again? Do they really listen to us?

NO DEAF CHILD LEFT BEHIND! It is very important for our future deaf and hard of hearing children.

We, the Deaf community have a dream…. all deaf and hearing communities respect each other and can communicate with no barrier! How to do that? Currently, we have a better method of education for our deaf and hard of hearing children by teaching ASL/English Bilingual Education. That way, we can be united in many ways.

On behalf of Michigan Deaf Community (MDC), we are in full support of continuing Deaf Education program and ASL classes here at MSU.

Thank you to Katie Hosmer, the rally host
Thank you to the crowd….show the support
Remember, we are not done…..keep fighting and be a watchdog.

New V/blog Site For The Michigan Deaf Community

September 17, 2007 Leave a comment

Hello, d/Deaf Michiganders!

This new v/blog site will be used to keep the Deaf Community informed of important information and events with the Deaf leaders appearing in vlogs to share information with you in ASL, our native language.

Text will also be provided for the non-signers.

Keep your eyes out on the upcoming vlogs!

Note: This site is still under construction, so please pardon the mess! 🙂

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